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We're committed to mobile marketing for spas and salons via the web and other proven strategies. Why? Here's the latest stats and faqs you can't ignore -

50% of mobile searches visit a store within 1 day – Google

In the past the internet has been criticized for taking customers away from local businesses. However it now seems that mobile internet users are not only keen to search for local information, but act upon it too.

Extra fact: According to Google Think Insights: “1 in 3 smartphone searches were made right before a store visit”

18% of local searches generate sales within 1 day

Mobile devices are often used as a quick, convenient tool for shopping & finding information online. The same Google study into mobile search behavior found that mobile searchers would often make a purchase following a local search on a smartphone, with some purchasing within only one day.

Extra fact: “This compares with just 7% for non-local searches”

70% of smartphone users have used Google ads to call a business

Google call only ads show a phone number with call button alongside your search ads.

Statistics from Google Think Insights show that as many as 70% of searchers have used this feature to call a local business from their mobile.

  • For local listings 68% of searchers were found to have used ‘get directions’ or ‘click to call’ in a mobile ad.
  • 67% of smartphone users want to be shown ads customized to their zip code or city.

50% Of mobile callers research products or services

A large number of mobile callers are actively looking for purchase information in relation to products or services. These searchers are ready to make a purchase when they call your business too. – Google

Importance of going mobile

While local searches are not limited to mobile devices, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest mobile leads the way in local search. If you want to reach local customers online and your business isn’t embracing mobile you are going to miss out.

  • 77% of mobile searches are made where a desktop PC is available – Google & Nielsen
  • 45% of mobile searches are focused on a particular goal (often leading to a call, store visit or purchase) – Google Search Moments
  • More searches are made on mobiles than on desktops – Google May 2015

If your business website is not mobile friendly, you will lose out on these high-converting sales leads.

  • 61% of searchers will move onto another site if they can’t quickly find what they want on a mobile site
  • 50% of searchers will use a website less often if it’s not mobile friendly, even if they like the business.
  • 48% said that if a site didn’t work well on their smartphones, it made them feel like the company didn’t care about their business

Your website can be used just as it is AND a mobile app can also replace it.

You don't have to throw it all away or "spend a ton to get it done".

  • Because mobile web is a full-featured solution that "embeds" on your regular website automatically "showing itself" to mobile users search via their mobile device, you don't have to do anything to your website if you're happy with it to get the benefits.
  • Because mobile web can be completely created for you in a new image or using your existing photos, logos, information and data, the creation cost is minimal.
  • Because we provide you with your own non-coding management dashboard you don't have to ask (or pay) for additional help to do basic functions like editing, uploading, adding events or new images/video or staff, changing hours, colors/graphics, etc.

Now, a lot of people say that mobile is best optimized with a "native" mobile app, but the statistics also render that argument moot (CHECK THIS LINK FOR MORE INFO).  Suffice it to say we've seen the benefits of mobile over and over and over again to local, web optimized service businesses and no longer have to prove the benefits when our customers can prove it for us. 

Mobile Marketing and Salons and Spas...or, The 6 Most Important Reasons for Mobile

Why a mobile web app vs or in addition to a website? The online world has made a dramatic shift that emphasizes access, simplicity and future engagement for mobile device users over desktop users. The question of "why" this is an irreversible trend is obvious to all of us, but the question of "how to make the change help us" needs to be fully understood and agreed upon to be able to focus on adopting to mobile. There are dozens (try to guess from the icons on the graphic) but here are 6 reasons why you need to mobilize pretty quickly -

1. More than half of search is done online with a mobile device and when a regular website isn't optimized to be viewed the majority of people will go away - permanently - if they feel you aren't responding to THEIR needs to engage you via their smartphone. (NOTE - Google is used by almost 70% of searchers and Google isn't pleased about native apps because the app developers control ad revenue, but Google loves websites because they can make make $ from advertising that is placed on search engines, so they have every incentive to increase web search/use vs app search/use.)

2. Because Google saw that mobile devices would soon be used more often than desktops, Google search announced in 2012 they were going to focus on "mobile first", meaning they would give preference to businesses with mobile optimized websites and consumers that searched with their smartphone or tablet. (Websites no longer "rule".) In mid 2015, after another announcement, Google search algorithyms switched to prioritize searches to more quickly find websites that had mobilized, reducing the search results for reqular websites that had NOT mobilized.

3. Mobile users like video, pictures, fast links to online scheduling, clicking to call, maps to find you and ordering, social media engagement and doing it "on-the-run" AND they like businesses that are designed to allow them to engage via their expensive smart devices. (Basically, your BEST future customers WANT you to have mobile!)

4. You can't share a native app or a website very easily with friends with a click because a native app is not designed to work across multiple operating systems like web apps do, with on-the-fly built-in "share" buttons, texting and email. So, if you want to benefit from recent social media expansion that is organically shared and done so at no cost, you can't take advantage of the opportunity unless you enable your customers to A. share you, and; B. give them an easy way to do it on a moments notice with a simple button

5. Simplicity, low cost and speed for the user experience is critical and an (embedded) web app works on all devices NOW affordably, even if they go to your regular website. No waiting is important for this new media consumer. They also don't want to fill up their devices with software (i.e., native apps) and a web app takes up NO room on their device, yet does everything necessary to make your business accessible and a success.

6. Everyone that is focused on marketing their business has an app or a mobile responsive website yet a mobile web app is still necessary because the mobile devices of your clients are designed for YOU to take advantage of with actionable links and engagement tools that do not work on desktop websites, no matter how well designed they might be. In fact, a well designed mobile app with all the social media, video, contact, online booking, links to reviews, special offers, email registration and other pertinent information is not a bad stand-in for a "regular" website and will succeed in helping you to build your business, keep in touch with clients and a lot more if - or until - you build a website. Plus, your clients can view your web app on their desktop AND put your mobile icon on your phone, which allows them to reach you with a click...something they can't do with every website.


We are a provider of mobile solutions for Salon and Spa Marketing expert, Michael Colosi. Mr. Colosi is an expert with a many years of experience in the spa and salon marketing industry.  His personal and group training sessions are known to thousands that are members of his Spa and Salon Marketing program. Below are some reviews of one of his seminars.  

Feel free to request more information or leave a message on our Contact Us page we'll have Mr. Colosi contact you.

I own Guys and Dolls Hair Studio in Marybell, Missouri. I think Mike’s program is fantastic; I’ve been a long time member and would refer anyone to it, as long as they’re not in my area. It’s too good for my local competitors to find out about. I started basically from day 1 with the program as far as owning my salon and it’s been phenomenal for us. The program is a must for any salon owner and well worth the money. 

Mindy Hunzinger~ Marybell, MO

“12 Years In Business – This Is The Single Most Valuable Investment We’ve Ever Made”
I’ve been in in business with my wife for 12 years. And in 12 years this is the single most valuable investment we’ve ever made. We had a complete walk-out in March where all our stylists left some had been with us for 7+ years. This took us totally by surprise, totally by surprise. We then got into this program and we started the emails with the postcards for all the new stylists. We got new stylists that way. the emails that we send out about newcomers to get clients back, we’ve started seeing stuff, everything Mike’s program suggest we do has worked. So, financially it’s helped us get back on our feet. We now have 7 of the 9 stylists chairs filled which we got from the stylists attraction program! 

Mike Wallace ~ Pleasanton, CA

“If You’re Not A Member, You’re Totally Losing Out. You’re Losing Money As We Speak”
I did a advertisement in a magazine, couple of months ago, back in August, and I’ve generated over 25 new clients, just from the ad. That’s impressive to me because none of the ads I’ve ever have done worked for me. If you’re not a member, you’re totally losing out. You’re losing money as we speak. 

Thomas Gallo ~ Greatneck, NY

“Brilliant, Fantastic”
Do Mike’s program. If you don’t do it, then your missing a huge, massive opportunity. We knew absolutely nothing about marketing our salon, and now we know how to grow our business and make lots of money. 

Julie Price & Debbie Skalhil ~ Northern, VA

“Do it. Don’t Question It, Just do It. You Will Not Be Sorry, You Will Get Everything You Invest Into It 100%”
I love the fact that it, Mike and his crew has really set it up so it’s easy to follow. It’s a program that is you follow step-by-step, you’re gonna get it, and you’re gonna get the results that you need. Um, I’m a fairly new salon owner, so it was great to have somebody in the industry that could just tell me what to do, and I could do it and knowing that if I follow the steps I’m gonna get the results. I think as a salon owner we all are so busy, we have so much to do, just trying to figure out what to do first. I think structure is the best piece that I’ve gotten out of it. 

Anna Linnehan ~ Wolward, MA

“The Program Has Given Me More Confidence To Start Building My Clientele”
I like Mike’s personality and all the guys, very helpful. The program has given me more confidence to start building my clientele. I’m just starting to implement a little bit at a time, but probably I now have about 15 to 20% more clients right now. Definitively get Mike’s program, its well worth it. 

Kelly Homes Morten ~ Illion, NY

“Very Good Investment - It Will Help Your Business”
All the information you get is to help you to do your business better and to get people into your salon. The mailers have helped me get new clients alot. 

Jan Brossard ~ Alexandria, KY

“It’s A No-Brainer, Everything Is Figured Out For You”
The Program helped me to basically increase the volume of business that comes into my salon so I can focus on doing what I know best. I would say see what it’s like for yourself, you know, don’t be afraid to try it out. Mike offers a great guarantee with it and so you really have nothing to lose. 

Jacob Pabsts ~ Whitelake, MI

“We’ve Been Doing The New Movers Program for 2 1/2 Months Now And We’ve Seen A Huge Response”
Basically the program just takes all of the really hard work, guess work, out of my marketing salon. We work with other business consultants on the financial end, but we’ve never had support like this in the marketing area of the salon business. We like it. Um, and as far as the web design portion of that, that’s wonderful. Because it took me 4 hours to try to put up a “coming soon” page and I just don’t have the time. Get Mike’s program, it’s the best thing you can do. 

Nicole Hogan & Charles Gillet ~ St. Louis, Missouri

“If You Are My Competitor Don’t Get This Program”
Well, I’ve Been in the program for about 9 months, and it’s fantastic to have a company be there on a weekly basis to help me do things. It’s good motivation for me. That’s what Perfect Color & Cut really did for me, the most important thing I can say. The marketing program helped me to make me do thins. There are many other companies that do have a program, but you have to do it all yourself, and as an owner, as a stylist, there’s so many things to do, it makes me get up in the morning and do the right things. Thanks to Mike’s help I do have a great system in place, which I will get, usually get about 2-300 client monthly that come in. I don’t know where they come from, but I’ll tell you something, the zombfiaction letters worked fantastical for me, because I went back a year and I get about, uh, 30%, 28% of the client that I lost that is coming back to my life. I would tell my competitors not to get the program because  I got the gold, so why should I have to give it to my competition. but, if you are not in my area, I would say it’s a fantastic thing, it’s great. 

Alfredo Spittziali ~ West Barone, MA

“Drop Everything You’re Doing And Run For The Door And Just Get In As Soon As You Can”
I’ve had the program for a couple of years now, it’s helped my business tremendously. I get great suggestions, things that you normally wouldn’t even think of. I’m bringing in more customers to the salon that’s another great plus. Mike is so down to earth, Mike’s approach, I think, is just really endearing with clients, and he gives me that personal touch. 

Ronald Louis ~ Annapolis, MD

“I Think It’s A Great Program And I Think It Would Be A Help To Any Salon Owner”
I think Mike’s program is a really good idea. You get a lot different ways of advertising, and showing people, you know, what you’re salon’s all about. With the New Movers, being able to mail them out and getting the people into the shop has help tremendously. They actually came in and then ordered more services, got color with their free hair cut, so I think that’s worked out really well. I think it’s a great program and I think it would be a help to any salon owner.

Nanette Flowers ~ Logan, OH

“I’m Becoming The New Owner Of The Salon I Worked At For 27 Years”
I’ve purchased this product from Mike probably 6 months ago, and I’ve been in conversations with him. I am putting together a package so that when I become the new owner of the salon that I’ve worked in for 27 years with my mother I’ll have new clients coming in. Mike has helped me tremendously with the transition because he was in the same situation in that he was buying his salon from his father and having to put together a program to succeed. 

Cindy Davis ~ Cortland, NY

“It’s Really A Comprehensive System To Help You With Your Marketing If You’re A Really Busy Person”
I was really at a loss of what to do with my salon marketing, just at a total and complete loss, and it’s really helped me to step up to the plate and do something about that. I’m a little new at it, so I’m just kind of getting into the different aspects of it. I would say that if you’re like me, and you have no time to get anything done, it’s
really a comprehensive system to help you with you’re marketing if you’re a really busy person. 

Janet Ondrejca ~ Macungie, PA

“This Has Given Me A Lot Of Great Ideas Of How I Can Still Keep My Focus Behind The Chair And Still Manage And Run My Business”
The program is very empowering, I work behind my chair, every day, all day, the running the aspect of my salon is kind of a secondary process for me. I focus more on my clients behind the chair. This has given me a lot of great ideas how I can still keep my focus behind the chair and still manage and run my business.
Vicky Mickelson ~ Rochester, New York.

“It’s A Great Idea To Buy Into Perfect Color and Cut”
I’ve attended a bunch of other marketing events, and this is a really good one. Um, they gave a lot of good advice for a brick and mortar-type business, for salons. For our salon, Mike’s program definitely put us more in contact with our customers. This has given us the framework to follow up with people, as well as given us ideas to move forward. Mostly stylists are really good at what they do but they don’t market, and you need someone to do some marketing for you and give you ideas. It’s a great idea to buy into Perfect Color and Cut. 

Mike Mickle ~ Richmond, VA

“I’ve Definitely Seen An Increase in Business”
I think Mike’s program is great for salon owners, he gives you a lot of support, and knowledge that I don’t have.
I’ve definitely seen an increase in business, I havn’t had the system for that long, only a couple months, so it’s taken me time to get through all of the workbooks and CDs, but we have definitely seen an increase already. I think the entire program is fantastic because of the tele-seminars, especially. I enjoy them every Monday because they definitely help and are informative. And, if there is something you don’t know, or you have a question they’re always right there for you.

Pamela Cole ~ Berlin, CT

“The System Has Brought Me 15 to 20 Clients A Month”
I like that they have everything set up for salon owners so that we can follow a good system for marketing. It has increased clientele to my business and brought in many new clients, and given the opportunity for the stylists to build and take it from there. The amount of new clients we get each month varies, sometimes it’s quite excessive, we get quite a bit of response from our letter. I’m thinking 15 to 20 clients a month. If you’re looking to grow your business, and, you’re serious about your profession, you need to do this if you want to keep your staff busy and continue with business. 

Sherry Danford ~ Beverly, MA

“I’ve got an 8% response from the New Mover Letters”
I think it’s Mike’s program and his involvement that has made my business such a success. I enjoy the strategies that I’m able to share with my staff also, and that, of course, in turn helps my bottom line. I’ve got an 8% response of the New Mover Letters which mean every time I mail 100 letters I get 8 new clients, which is a great number. My advice to any salon owner looking into this is, jump off the edge and do it. Their money-back guarantee is just that, they mean what they say, and they will stand by it, and if it doesn’t work, you don’t pay. 

Sharon Dion ~ Peterburough, NH

“I’ve already gotten 20 new clients that I wouldn’t have gotten had I not started it.”
Getting Mike’s program is the best decision I’ve ever made for my salon, and I can’t wait to get home and implement everything I’ve learned right into my business and start making more money. It has taught me everything that i have been doing wrong for the past eight years. I just started the program in August, I’ve already gotten 20 new clients that I wouldn’t have gotten had I not started it. It was the new mover program, I started that the minute I got the system, and it’s just growing. I would tell other salon owners to jump on the band wagon now, and don’t wait. I waited two years to do this, and I’m kicking myself in the butt! 

Dawn Haggett ~ Plymouth, MA

“We’re Already Seeing A Huge Increase, In Primarily The Client Referrals”
I think Mike’s program is great. It just motivates me to do things that i just wouldn’t; I would’ve ordinarily been too lazy to do. There are a lot of great ideas, some of them are innovative and some of them are very basic, but it gives me a template for success and I love that. We just got started with it recently, but we’re already seeing a huge increase, in primarily the client referrals. We implemented that client referral program and started rewarding the clients immediately and it’s just working great. As long as you’re not in Wichita, Kansas go ahead and purchase it. I’m really glad I got in when I did, because I know with all the things going on with the economy and how the web’s exploding and everything else, I just feel like I really have an edge. 

Sue Hornen ~ Wichita, Kansas

“Our Business Has Actually Doubled Since I Joined The Program”
Overall, I’ve had a great experience with the program. It’s helped motivate me and made me be more confident about my professional skills. It’s helped me bring in a lot more clients be more organized as far as following the steps. Mike makes it simple and makes it easier. Our business has actually doubled since I joined the program. If you are a slaon owner who wants more clients I would say, give it a try. you find a lot of helpful tools. Mike’s very understanding as far as working with you, it’s not hard. 

Susan Paul ~ Norfolk, VA

“The Knowledge I get Is Absolutely Incredible”
I would like to thank Mike and his incredible team. The knowledge I get is absolutely incredible. Mike is not the type of guy who is just trying to sell you something. Mike is a genuine guy with honesty! I have done other programs and this one is by far the very best. 

Sergiy Boubalan ~ Tucker, GA



New Opportunities with Mobile Devices and Public Adoption of Mobile Engagement

The recent mobile device phenomenon has created many benefits from mobile adoption that are uniquely available to personal service providers, because of how women have adopted, adapted and adjusted to using mobile for hour upon hour of every day, that we have made a business of assisting professionals to be opportunists and benefit in multiple ways using mobile web apps that are accessible to clients by clicking on an icon on their mobile devices.

We also believe

App "Stores" complicate matters, so an app should be easily accessed by your clients with a URL, search or QR code from anywhere and that the app should have NO issues that would discourage its use.

You are busy...maybe TOO busy to get a lot done yourself, so we'll help you affordably, effectively and efficiently with new mobile marketing technologies.

You may already have spent $ that isn't producing the results you expect, so we'll try to use your existing online or marketing assets to your advantage

Social media, which is exploding, is not a simple media if you expect to get ROI for your marketing dollars, time and energy, so you need a plan that is scaled to your specific needs, market, branding and prospects/customers. Soon, all your competitors will be on social media jockeying for prospects, so why not be there first?

You work a lot of magic daily on your client's hair, nails, skin and more, probably too much, to be able to invest more time and energy in digital marketing that you may not understand or may not return your investment, so you need to continue to work while professionals that know how to help you do their magic.

Secondly, we have the knowledge and technology and people to create simple solutions without the tech mumbo jumbo. Call us and find out.  What's your greatest need?  What's your most frustrating factor when it comes to marketing, mobile, social media or tech?  Let's talk it out for a minute or two and take it one step at a time...because even though we know you need to be mobile, there are many other components (as you can see from the app samples below) that must be considered.

Just a few of many mobile marketing apps we're working on today...


Our "works in progress" are ALL of our clients that build apps with us, because we aren't just about building a mobile app, but more about building a mobile marketing presence that works to build your salon or spa business.

This brand new platform and built in dashboard enables our clients to create, edit, manage and develop a mobile web app that can be converted to a native (downloadable app store) app but which works immediately to help you grow your business.  Please don't hesitate to call or reach out to us for any questions.  OR, CLICK HERE and schedule a brief discussion with our chief developer at your convenience.


Why You Need to Make Mobile Marketing a Routine Part of Your Daily Business Practices.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that mobile marketing for SMBs (small and medium sized businesses) is taking off at lightning speed. It is said that as many as 250K stylists have their own mobile apps. The stats are staggering!

Some of the surprising statistics include:

1. The majority of small business/salon websites in the United States are NOT mobile friendly. To elaborate: 63% of hairdressers’ websites; and 59% of beauty salons are NOT mobile-friendly. These are among the lowest ranking industries in the study.

2. More than half of the adults in the United States own or use a smart phone daily, however, a shocking statistic we found is that 9 out of 10 of small business/stylists DO NOT have a mobile-optimized website or app available, while more than HALF of search is now by mobile device. (Even if they found you on search how would they engage you if they can't see you on their phone?)

3. Small businesses are expected to get on board, however, with a predicted 630% increase in mobile-marketing by the end of 2014.

4. 32% Of small and medium sized businesses feel that they will be left behind and face losses if they do not implement a mobile-optimized website.

5. However, only 15% of small businesses/stylists with a website plan to create a mobile-friendly version within the next year and a half.

6. Local salon businesses could face collective losses of up to $1 trillion a year.

(There ARE corporate "solutions" to this issue for sylists, like StyleSeat, but we have heard the downside.  Check out the very bottom of this page for 10 of the issues of "big" brother networks that provide solutions, but really just want to take advantage of as much of your business as possible.)

7. There ARE success stories of salons that have invested in mobile getting as much as 60% of their bookings by mobile device. Statistics by one survey of clients find that 40% of bookings are made when the salon is closed, so a comprehensive, mobile optimized scheduling and appointment book is critically important.  

8. Selfies are the rage on Facebook and a "share" can result in thousands of free digital referrals to your clients' network of friends and family. And, that sharing can only be performed by a mobile device.

9. Instead of worrying and then waiting for "affordability" or "simplicity" or "technological skill", get going now with a provider that has all the answers.  We can get you mobilized so that clients and their networks will share your work digitally...all before the client leaves the salon. 

10. Google search algorythms for mobile devices are triangulated by current location since April of 2015 to give preferred results to local businesses that are optimized for mobile.


Mobile Apps for Your Spa and Skin Care Customers?  One Reason.... Because SOOO Many Frequent Skincare/Beauty Buyers OWN Smart Devices and USE Them in SOOO Many Ways!


With health and beauty brands seeking to reach a target audience of regular skincare and suntan lotion buyers, the Interactive Advertising Bureau released research that shows that this coveted group is much more inclined to engage in online and mobile activities than the average adult, and they are also more prone to regularly view digital video programming. In addition, they are much more influenced in their beauty purchases by internet ads than the average consumer (29% vs. 15%).

IAB conducted a custom analysis of syndicated Prosper Insights & Analytics™ data to look at consumers and media behaviors of consumers. The analysis employed multiple waves of survey results.

Prosper Insights & Analytics Media Behaviors & Influence Survey was used to identify Frequent Skincare Buyers 18 and over (18+). The analysis also looks at key differences among Suntan Lotion buyers 18+ compared to Adults 18+ representing the general US population, as part of the Monthly Consumer Survey, Summertime Products Aisle (June) Survey.

The report also showed that frequent skincare buyers leverage mobile screens more as well:

  • Skincare enthusiasts are heavier mobile app users than the typical population, with 76 percent purchasing apps versus 57 percent of the general population, and entertainment apps being the most popular (72% among frequent skincare buyers vs. 56% for average adults)
  • One in four (25%) researches beauty products on a mobile connected device, while merely 8 percent do so within the general population
  • Similarly, one in five (20%) have purchased beauty products on their mobile device, in sharp contrast to only 6 percent among average adults
  • Frequent Skincare Buyers’ purchase decisions are ‘greatly influenced’ by digital (50% vs. 27%) and mobile (32% vs. 11%) coupons and many use daily deal sites (71% vs. 52%)