Today's students know they need to market themselves and that social media networks accessed via mobile devices are the primary method they will need to optimize to attract their first clients.

The majority of millenials and teens about to enter the post-secondary education search using mobile devices instead of desktops, and some no longer own or use desktops.

Their education should include as much assistance to help them become as successful and productive as possible as quickly as possible, especially if it's easy to provide it to them.  Your graduation rate and student assistance programs are important recruitment tools but no tool or assistance is going to help them more than being able to get promoted/referred to as many as possible as their own mobile marketing web app that can also serve as their website pre and post job placement/self-employment.  We know, because it's what we do at LocalMobilSalon.


Connect to Future Students by Piggybacking on Your Current Students via Their and Their Clients' Social Media Postings

Though there was some talk about teenagers leaving Facebook for other new forms of social media, a report released by Forrester Research in June 2014 showed that nearly eight out of 10 teens are still using Facebook, and they are more active on Facebook than any other social networking site. Not only are teens still using Facebook, they’re often using it as a way to get more information about places around them and to connect with their favorite brands online, INCLUDING where their social media friends are going to school and what they are doing to create careers.

Considering that the majority of people planning to enroll in vocational schools within the next few years happen to be teenagers, social media is a breeding ground for student recruitment. It’s essential for vocational schools to not only have a presence on social media platforms, but to also be consistently active on them. So what "if" social media content that featured your school was greatly increased as a result of your student's postings and you didn't have to pay to get the exposure?

FACT - 68% of students use social media to research colleges and nearly ¾ of them find social media to be very influential in their decisions – 2014 Social Admissions Report

According to the 2013 Pew Research Internet Project, 74 percent of teens say they use their smartphones to access the Internet. As smartphones become more popular and less expensive, this number will only continue to grow. If vocational schools want to seem accessible to these teens, they also need to ensure that their websites are mobile optimized or potential students will search for more tech focused schools that they can access by smart phone.

Finally, by providing a personalized mobile marketing tool/app to each of your graduates that also helps increase your schools exposure, imagine the benefits of (these numbers are not exaggerated) hundreds of thousands of direct viewed, shared and post-viewed social media yearly by graduates that include a link to their own personal marketing app with your school's branding and links to those friends and family that would refer you to new students? 

We will supply you with a customized web app template for all your students that they can access online, editable by them, us, you or someone you dedicate to assist the student. 

The positive effect on your public relations and the community reaction for providing this affordable but effective tool to help your graduates (and students) will be measurable. 

Besides helping the students, every share, view, like, post-share and Tweet that includes THEIR app will feature your branding and link to your website...friends of friends will be moved.  Imagine your URL populating links, backlinks, social media, emails and more... on every app of every student. Each student's sharing/friends's sharing can easily generate 50K branding views yearly x your student population.  

LocalMobilSalon provides this recruiting and marketing tool for you at reasonable rates, manages the entire operation for you - or you manage it - you decide.  Consider a marketing tool other colleges just don't offer....For more information CLICK HERE