Mobile Marketing

Get Your Mobile Marketing and Social Media Sharing Started and then Announce it to Your Clients!

If you're looking for the best way to connect now, later and far into the future with your clients, suggest they put your "click-link-icon" on their phone since the phone is now the way the majority connects.

By assisting your customers with a wide range of benefits to connect via your mobile app, you'll capture their attention and may even make it easier for them to bring you to the attention of their friends, family and social network. 

Personal services are the most important use of mobile devices and what could be more personal than a personal appearance improvement as a result of your efforts on their behalf.

It's easy to get your one-click icon on your best client's and prospect's phone and to get their referral on their social network, such as their Twitter or Facebook page.

After working all day...all week it's difficult to find the time and energy to go online and continue to connect and market yourself or your salon.  We help you to empower, engage and succeed in creating shareable social media posts to provide content that is spread via social media to bring you into the social networks of thousands of new and existing clients.

This interesting LINK to Mobile Devices Growth and another LINK to PEW Research's data regarding where-how-when-why and whether or not a smart phone should be engaged is quite interesting, since it clearly shows that the majority will use their phone in a social gathering, in public, private and every other place to search-share-and save the things in their lives that interest them. 

Ask us how to make these new behaviors benefit your personal service business marketing efforts....