Rewards Programs -

The facts and stats prove a rewards program is necessary:

Loyal customers spend 67% more than new customers so getting them to come more often just makes sense, plus they can greatly influence people who "know they know a value", and 7 out of 10 customers will refer you more often if you have a rewards program. long as the cost justifies the return, and don't dilute your customer relationship or cause confusion or frustration, why not?

Can Rewards Programs be a Bad Thing? We believe rewards programs are negative if -

1. They take your customer to a third party rewards "network" where your rewards program provider can easily take liberties by diverting your client to other rewards or possibly competitors (which we've seen them do to clients that quit at a later date).

2. The platform requires a paper card, native app (which resides on the customers phone), or a plastic card.  The cards MUST be carried in the wallet to redeem which punishes clients that forget to bring them and an app requires downloading, is only accessible to smart phone clients (prejudicial to clients that don't have smart phones or don't want to use them) and has full access the customer's personal phone data.

3. The program is not designed for salons and spas, so edits become difficult and don't address your businesses ultimate needs.

4. Control is not in YOUR hands and/or control is ONLY in your hands if you "manage" the data/software as a regular daily routine. (Who needs another thing to do every day?)

5. Your Clients that want to "Share" your rewards platform can't do so easily, and/or are not incentivized to do so.

We Believe GOOD Rewards Programs -

Details of a well designed rewards program

1. Work no matter whether a customer has a phone or not because a good rewards program shouldn't offend anyone at any time because they do-don't want to use a phone or not to participate.

2. Requires no "memory" jogging of a client, although we do expect them to remember their own phone number.

3. Are affordable for you and provide a positive ROI from day exceptions.  (So, that means the stats proving increased sales, engagement, frequency are rock solid.)

4. Is completely flexible to your business, your client's needs, and is adjustable as necessary when needed.

5. Provides data, connectivity, optional direct marketing features such as help you to build your product/shampoo category sales, and also allow you to manage the data when you choose.

6. Has no "downloading" requirements, yet allows a customer to track their own rewards by text (which EVERY phone can do) AND is trackable with NO phone when they arrive in your shop...on the tablet provided for you and the customer right on the counter.

7. Can be "shared" or sent to a friend by one of your customers with a simple click, including on Facebook, etc., thereby using warm-market clients to help you build your client list.


Here's Just One Customized Use of our Rewards Program That is Current and Proves ROI and Viability

This spa elected to offer these rewards options on their rewards platform and the redemption stats are included where available:

- First check-in/enrollment/registration - $5 off of today's service
 - Every 3rd check-in - $10 off any purchase of $50 (does not expire, redemption rate 22%)
 - If the client is inactive, a special "reminder" offer is set for emailing twenty-six days after last check-in - $7 off of any offer (Offer expires in 7 days, redemption rate 8%)
 - Birthday Club - $10 off any service sent one week before their birthday (Does not expire, redemption rate 34%)
 - Blast Messages - Different promotions sent every two weeks promoting specific services  (Expires in 7 days, redemption rate 4%-9%)
- Product Offerings - As incentive such as a shampoo sample to customer as incentive if visits go beyond 60 days

NOTE - The client illustrated began this rewards program in April 2015 and, as of the end of August 2015 have 944 people in their Rewards Club. Like most new rewards program a lot of existing customers enroll at the outset and after the initial frenzy of enrollment, new customers that enroll add 50-70 new people a month.  (Shop is a nail spa...10 chairs or less) Ask us for details...