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This LINK to "A Complete Checklist for Social Media Managers" is accurate and thorough in its "what to do" advice, but the amount of attention required is daunting for independent spa and salon operators.

We saw the overwhelming task and devised a way to get the benefits without all of the work, with a simple tool that begins with Facebook marketing. (because 72% of online American adults use Facebook)


Facebook DemographicsChecklistOnDeskRemember when an ad in the paper costed hundreds - up front? Remember when delivered mailers costed somewhere between 50 cents and a dollar each? Remember phone book ads that costed hundreds or thousands?  Still, the discount booklets, Groupon, etc., require quite an investment, and most of it is committed way before a single sale is achieved.

Then, of course, there are so many advertising vehicles and print isn't affordable, so which one(s) do you choose?  Before you decide, you have to wonder if it's the best or even the right audience. 

Well, here's the problem with all of that, ads are still only as good as the audience that is sifting through tons of other offers in a myriad of print and online ads and not particularly aware or concerned that you even exist.

So, what if you could get in front of an audience because of someone that knows who you are because they or their friend uses you, or a prospect HAS a big audience (250-300 Facebook average) that they'll put you in front of, with an actionable link/offer/image, your branding and a warm reference? 

Facebook KNOWS the likes, interests, locations, friends, family, and the desires of thousands of people all around you and knows how to get you in front of them for a couple pennies each, cancellable at any time, only paying for activity that you can see (by name) and at a total budget as low as a few dollars, and where you can choose the age, interests, location of the audience?  PLUS, you can create and place an ad in just a few minutes to immediately affect your business because it's published almost immediately. That's Facebook, and it's why we're focused on assisting you to more effectively market via Facebook.  

When a client or a friend of a client chooses to like, share, boost or post something about your salon on any one of a wide range of social media sites, Facebook stands out currently because of their wide reach and advertising tools that are so effective with personal services like hair care. Also, depending upon your use of social media, there are usually multiple requirements and limitations of each of your choices: Facebook is different than Twitter, and Instagam and Pinterest also have differing uses and benefits, so let's focus on Facebook for a moment. 

With a web app created with a "share" or "tell-a-friend" button, your clients can create and share social media content for you on Facebook, Twitter or their email list, saving you a lot of the work of creating, posting and managing social media content. If, like most operators, you're working a lot of hours and can't always find the energy or time to place content on social media, your customers, especially those that are considered influencers, can be of great help and all you have to do is remind them while they're in your chair to click on a button on their phone, period.


Facebook = The Perfect Source and Placement For Unique, Sharable, (Sometimes) Free, Easily Boosted Content 

In the "old" days referrals, one at a time, were the way to grow a service business, and those referrals still work. However, imagine getting dozens of referrals from each client you have before they leave your shop. Those mega-exposures promoted by your best clients called influencers are getting the attention of Facebook users in a big way. This is the new opportunity you have if you take advantage of it.

Terms such as User Generated Content (UGC) are being used to describe the contributions of the valuable influencers that you can easily empower to assist you build your business. Ogilvy, a marketing surveying company, found that people are twice more likely to respond to advertising that contains a photo or selfie taken by a client of yours and are a third more are more trusting of their peers than they are of (faceless) brands.  Few brands (less than 12%) know how to use this information to their advantage, even though the statistics and results are well known.  

Five Reasons UGC Marketing Works

The few businesses that know how to leverage user-generated content to meet their growth goals are seeing results, and so can you. Why does UGC marketing work? Because; 1. your customers prefer and trust visual content that comes from real people; 2. because there is no cost to you to get the benefits; 3. because few are pro-active with the effort, so your customers aren't being inundated with requests and; 4. you have a personal relationship with and exposure to the client on an on-going, day-to-day basis; and 5. your contact with the client is repetitive so the UGC is seen repeatedly over a consistent period of time by their friends.  Few businesses or brands have this opportunity.

Other key factors that limit brands from succeeding at leveraging this free opportunity is the lack of tools they offer the client to make sharing "easy" for them and, brand "employees" seldom bother to ask a client so share online or take a selfie while they're in the chair and happy with their new hair, since they have so little skin in the game, compared to independent operators.

However, suceeding at this without a mobile optimized web site or app that give the client a "click" to share option means that more than half (some say up to 75%) of your potential audience won't feel comfortable and won't bother.  

How Do Facebook Ads Help?

The images below are from a client of ours that is doing well with Facebook ads, and is improving her business in specific ways with more Facebook views, likes, shares, post-shares, clicks and actual bookings, depending upon her goal, graphic, chosen demographic and offer.

Your phone number, link, offer and branding in a Facebook ad can help grow your business organically, since so many prospects use Facebook which optimizes to their phones - even if you haven't bothered to optimize your business. The hitch is that now they're seeing you and all your local competitors, or whatever content that Facebook wants them to see, instead of what YOU want them to see. Also, a phone number will seldom get stored on their phone, while your mobile web app prompts the user automatically to "put your icon on their home screen..."

So, paying for a boost, or investing in the time needed to create the best images to get a positive reaction can either benefit you when a prospect clicks on your web optimized link, so they can engage YOUR link by phone, or not - you choose. However, you WILL get likes, shares, post-shares, engagement by clicks on your ad or page and comments, at the very least.  THOSE results will lead to more UGC and so on and so on. In the meantime, here are some great examples of boosted and unboosted Facebook posts that have gotten a wide range of traction.

REMEMBER - Until you have optimized your Google page, Yelp, and linked to the other basic social media used by your customers, Facebook posts are a secondary issue.  We can assist you with these basic requirements also.  

FOR MORE IDEAS - Google "Beauty Salon Advertising Ideas" and anything you like, we can duplicate with your images and help you to get your own campaign strategy going on social media.

The two ads above were run on Facebook to a new audience, not including existing pages liking users, to the local market defined by the salon owner. The results? Over a 3 day period, costing $60, the salon recieved a combined 4,388 views in their local market and 45 clicks on one ad and 60 on another, including post-clicks, views, and clicks to the website/online booking.  By running similar ads monthly, multiple times, your salon, brand and imagery is reminding the same selected group of local Facebook people that are "hair" interested, that you exist. There were also more than a dozen post-shares, which is a Facebook user sharing the ad with someone they know.




What Other Offers are Attractive to Prospects?


Here's a LINK to a list of 25 suggestions for growing your presence in social media in ways that are especially effective for the salon industry. Specific offer can focus on "Working Girl", "Birthday in June", "Engaged", "Service Industry Specials", "Just Braiding - $10", "It's a Summer Beach Day", and so many others.  Ask us for help developing, implementing or managing your social media marketing!

For more social media marketing tips, check out this article from Entreprenuer Magazine.


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